Eddie has been performing at Weddings for over 20 years in the Philadelphia area. That experience has given Eddie plenty of insight into what goes into having an amazing wedding day. Check out our video blog below and get some advice for your big day and hear some crazy stories.

Eddie’s advice to the fathers of the brides

This is to the Fathers of the Brides: You’re going to write a toast, you want your daughter to hear how you love her and how happy you are that she got married today. Don’t give her life story.  I had a dad, sweetest man ever, he took the mic and he started

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How to Enjoy Your Own Wedding

How do you make sure that you totally enjoy your own wedding. First thing: put a team of professionals together that you’re confident will remember everything you told them and get it done for you. If you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s then you know the day of the wedding you can just be a guest.

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This Girl is on Fire !

So this really happened: I’m playing at a Bat Mitzvah, wonderful party at a beautiful hotel in town, and it’s the candle lighting ceremony and that’s when the family stands at the cake and people come up and they light candles for the guest of honor. Well, the guest of honor this beautiful young 13 year old young lady, had very

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Should I have a live band or a DJ at my wedding?

You want a beautiful band, live music, your fiance wants a DJ – How do you make that decision ? Well, there’s nothing better than live music. And if the worry is that the bands won’t be able to play authentic top 40 musics or really sound like the record: those days are over, that’s how we sound.

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How to pick the perfect Venue for your Philadelphia Wedding

How to pick the perfect venue for your Philadelphia wedding ?  Well, if your wedding is in Philadelphia, you have so many great choices. We have incredible hotels; the luxury hotels, like The Four Seasons, and The Rittenhouse, and The Bellevue.

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How to Choose the Wedding Song for your First Dance

Hi, I’m Eddie Bruce. So how do you pick the perfect first dance for your wedding? Very few people come to see me that already have “a song.” Doesn’t seem like it happens that way anymore.

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