How to Choose the Wedding Song for your First Dance

Hi, I’m Eddie Bruce. So how do you pick the perfect first dance for your wedding? Very few people come to see me that already have “a song.” Doesn’t seem like it happens that way anymore. The first question is, do you want something classic that’s been around for a while? If you choose that, you can probably be sure that it will still be around when you celebrate your 30th anniversary.

Very rarely do brides and grooms seem to pick something very trendy because they tend to come and go. Look through your favorite artists, look through their albums, look through your iTunes, listen to your iPad, and pick a song that you love, two or three. Check with your bandleader, make sure they can learn it. Give them plenty of time to learn it, and you’ll come up with the exact first dance you love.

Let me hear your first dance stories! windows server . Ulantalwepec

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Amy Philly
April 8, 2015, 8:14 pm

My husband and I picked the song that was playing when we first met… Endless Love! We’re still together 20 years later.

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