This Girl is on Fire !

So this really happened: I’m playing at a Bat Mitzvah, wonderful party at a beautiful hotel in town, and it’s the candle lighting ceremony and that’s when the family stands at the cake and people come up and they light candles for the guest of honor.

Well, the guest of honor this beautiful young 13 year old young lady, had very long hair, and it’s about the fifth candle was lit I was standing right behind with the band and I smelled something burning. So I happened to look up just in time to see the tip of her hair smothering. I know – it’s hard to believe! I just didn’t say anything. I walked up closely behind her quietly grabbed her hair and put out the fire before her head was an entire inferno and the party was over. To this day when her mom sees me she’ll say “thank you for saving my party and my kids’ hair”.

This really happened…


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